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"David Hicks has committed, it seems, thought crime against the United States and is being detained and tormented by people unaware of his rights. It's unlikely they know this, and they should be told."

Bob Ellis
(Australian writer - quoted during Writers'  Week, Adelaide Festival of Arts, March 2002 )

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This Update

Canberra Convergence for David Hicks
On the Opening of Parliament

Tuesday 6 February 2007, 11 am

From 11 am elected representatives will be invited to address the
crowd outside the Parliament and say how they stand. After the
Parliament assembles the campaigners will take their demands to the
US Embassy.

Event Flyer here (pdf file 212 Kb)
Bus from Sydney information (pdf file 284 Kb)

http://www.myspace.com/david_hicks New Web Site

US sets terrorism trial rules

Trial rules worse than first ones: Mori

Don't accept new rules, Opposition urges Govt

Bush can't be trusted: Democrats


Friday 19 January 2007, 12 noon to 1pm (and following Fridays)


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Casselden Place (corner of Lonsdale & Spring Streets), Melbourne.


Each week, different figures from a range of backgrounds - lawyers, academics, politicians, church leaders, trade unionists, artists - will speak out against David's ongoing detention.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For those who missed the significance of this article the first time round.

David Hicks – Military Commissions Act 2006 – Compliance with Common Article 3
of the Geneva Conventions , the Hamdan Decision and Australian Law

An independent Legal Opinion by distinguished jurists and academics. (pdf File, 377Kb)

The Opinion suggests that Prime Minister John Howard, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, and Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock may be guilty of War Crimes in respect of their handling of the Hicks case.

Reveal identity of Hicks's visitor, ALP urges Downer

Lib senator calls for Hicks deadline

Hicks case shames us all

Negligent or just ineffective

Global protesters decry Guantánamo

80 Arrested Protesting Guantanamo Detentions

[US] Dems likely to resurrect detainee issue

EVOKA are three people who are concerned that an Australian citizen David Hicks has been held in Guantanamo Bay for five years without a trial.

Some pictures from the rally held in Adelaide December 9, 2006

Ahmed Rafiq & Stephen Kenny Terry Hicks Mem Fox Kay Danes

Left: Ahmed Rafiq,
was detained in Abu Ghraib

Right: Stephen Kenny,
former laywer for David Hicks

Terry Hicks

Mem Fox,

Kay Danes,
was detained in Laos

Hicks's dad fears son may die at Guantanamo

Guilty plea could get Hicks home

Prosecutor's comments expose sham trial: Hicks's lawyer

Free Hicks on bail: ALP

Protests call for Guantanamo to be closed

Ties with US on trial over fate of David Hicks

Hicks Rudduck Amnesty, Source & Artist Unknown The Same Phoney Justice, Source & Artist Unknown Moir, Sydney Morning Herald, 03 January 2007 Tandberg, The Age, 21 December 2006 Golding, The Age, 04 January 2007

Hicks to target Liberal seats

Guantanamo Detainees To Be Held Even Without Evidence

A Sydney dub reggae band " Resurrectors" have a new protest song about the plight of David. go to www.myspace.com/resurrectorstheband  to hear the song and learn more about the band.

GetUp has produced a billboard for public display. For more information including getting your own poster go to www.getup.org.au/campaign/BillboardsForJustice.asp

GetUp - Bring David Hicks Home Billboard

Hicks refuses father's call

Most Gitmo Detainees Freed Elsewhere

5 Years of Infamy: Close Guantanamo!

This site has information and links to events being organised around the world
on January 11 calling for the end of the Gitmo Gulag.


This is the text of the faq available from the website of
The Attorney General - Phillip Ruddock MP,     Original source at:--


Special Request from MAJOR MORI

( The US military lawyer appointed to represent David Hicks )
To anyone who has
  • worked with David
  • employed David
  • has known or knows David

Major Mori would like to speak with you.
Contact Us
"fairgofordavid.org" for further information

Court Cases & Legal Proceedings

See either Not One More Execution or Guantanamo Briefs Online for links to the legal pleadings & amicus briefs related to the Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

Project to Enforce the Geneva Conventions (PEGC) also follows relevant legal cases.

Petitions, Polls:

An online poll of federal politicians with the responses:
"Yes, bring David Hicks home NOW !"  or   "No, leave David Hicks to the Americans!"
           This is a live tally board. New responses are added ASAP
See what our representatatives individually think.

Two websites where you may sign pettions.
The first is to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, the second is directed to the US Senate about the pending legislation on the War Crimes Act. (ie. the Detainee and Interrogation laws )

1) http://www.petitiononline.com/gtmo1234/

2) http://www.justforeignpolicy.org/involved/warcrimes091906.html

An online petition requesting the release of David

Online pettion calling for Guantanamo Bay detention camps to be closed
---   http://www.petitiononline.com/gtmo1234/    ---

A PETITION you may use to gather signatures of support.

Songs, Films, Videos:

EVOKA are three people who are concerned that an Australian citizen David Hicks has been held in Guantanamo Bay for five years without a trial.

A Sydney dub reggae band " Resurrectors" have a new protest song about the plight of David. go to www.myspace.com/resurrectorstheband  to hear the song and learn more about the band.

Information on the new Michael Winterbottom film "The Road to Guantanamo" 
can be found here  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0468094/

Our government is more dangerous than our enemies
MSNBC journalist Keith Olbermann's opinion piece about the slashing of American civil liberties under the Bush Administration ( link to youtube video page )

The song "Guantanamo Vacation" can be heard and/or downloaded from this link http://www.macjams.com/song/23596   A copy of the lyrics can be seen here

Guantanamo Bay Blues - Written by Don Fraser
Song Lyrics, You will have to provide your own music ( MS Word doc )

A song titled "David Hicks" has been provided by Jack Tivoli
click here to get it Format: mp3 , Time: 1.14 minutes , File Size: 1.12 MG
more at www.atrium-software.com/

A new song about David is available at this site  www.stolenyears.com.au
Site includes lyrics, download ( 2.9 Mb, mp3 contained within a zip file )
or audio streaming

 Dirge for David - a song written about David.  by Paul Buckberry
get an MP3 download. ( 4 Mg ) more at his site   www.buckberry.com

Selected Articles from World Socialist Web Site

Excellent for background information. or go directly to their site
www.wsws.org for frequent new articles and/or updates

Latest News - This section is now inactive as other parts of the site adequately cover all new developments. This is of course brought to you by skin tag removal advice site Remove Skin Tags Now, which reviews a variety of products and creams. The link remains to provide access to the items still listed there.

From fairgofordavid.org

Why A Fair Go For David Hicks ?

Appeal for Donations - Help us stay afloat -

Actions you may undertake:

A petition (online letter) regarding David Hicks has been orgainised by www.getup.org
More information at www.getup.org.au/campaign/DefendAustralianRights

Write a letter to your MP     (Latest version - June 2006)
Some points you may wish to consider when writing a letter to your Federal Member of Parliament.

Write a short letter to your MP - A short version addressed to your local MP with a copy to either the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition or both.

A PETITION you may use to gather signatures of support.

Further Addresses for people or organizations you may write to.

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