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Miscellaneous Sources - 2006
Miscellaneous Sources - 2005
Miscellaneous Sources - 2004
Miscellaneous Sources - before 2004
Geneva Convention on Treatment of POW's

Why A Fair Go For David Hicks ?

Exclusive Interview

An Exclusive interview with Terry Hicks, father of Australian, David Hicks. Terry has shunned the media but has allowed this interview to be published on the internet, in order that the truth will be told about his son. 

Images, Cartoons & multimedia

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Another song about David is available at this site www.stolenyears.com.au
Site includes lyrics, download ( 2.9 Mb, zip file ) or audio streaming

 Dirge for David - a song written about David.  by Paul Buckberry
get an MP3 download. more at his site   www.buckberry.com

Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War.
50 pages, 269 Kb ( pdf file, requires Acrobat Reader )

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Miscellaneous Sources -2006

David Hicks – Military Commissions Act 2006 – Compliance with Common Article 3
of the Geneva Conventions , the Hamdan Decision and Australian Law

An independent Legal Opinion by distinguished jurists and academics. (pdf File, 377Kb)

A Core Value
The Chief Justice of the High Court, Murray Gleeson, recently intervened in the
public debate on terrorism, by speaking against the use of torture, forced confessions
& detention without trial (pdf file, 72 Kb)

Media Statement: 06 December 2006
Authorised by David McLeod Solicitor for David Hicks (MS Word file)

Legislative Council (SA) - Motion: DAVID HICKS
06 December 2006 - Debate between various of our Honorable Members.
(thanks to the office of Mark Parnell, The Greens for providing this information)

Law Council of Australia Report on David Hicks
07 December 2006 ( pdf file, 120 Kb, 11p )

Report from the UNITED NATIONS, Commission on Human Rights - February 2006
Situation of detainees at Guantánamo Bay
(pdf file, 54 pages, 336 Kb)

Senator Linda Kirk - Labor Senator for South Australia
Matters of Public Interest Speech – Wednesday 13 September 2006 (pdf file, 53 Kb)

Danna Vale MP - GRIEVANCE DEBATE: Australian Values

Kris Hanna MP - GRIEVANCE DEBATE: Australian Values

"Terror Shmerror ! " - A Poem - David H Lewis

A Poem contributed from a member of the public - David H Lewis

Which are the real powers of the liberal democracies doctrine,
the separation of powers?
    (pdf file 92 Kb)
Humane Treatment Standard Maintained, But Serious Concerns Remain

Unsafe Harbor: The GOP 'Compromise' on Detainee Treatment

Three Items from Senator Linda Kirk outlining her involvement in David Hicks' situation.
1) A Speech (pdf file 79 Kb)
2) A Letter (pdf file 82 Kb)
3) A published article (pdf file 2,243 Kb includes images)

Her website is:   http://www.senatorlindakirk.net/

David Hicks – Justice After Hamdan ?
Peter Vickery QC -Special Rapporteur, International Commission of Jurists, Victoria
(pdf file 233 Kb, 16 p)
Two Reviews of "Honour Bound" at the Sydney Opera House
Sydney confronts the 'barbarism' of Guantanamo
Hicks's jail tale triggers passionate response

Hicks: In thrall to the Bush lawyers - Geoffrey Robertson

The Tank is a receptacle for the ramblings of three residents of Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia. It is unapologetically left-of-centre and concentrates on matters of Social Justice, Human Rights and the Environment.

GetUp is a new political movement to build a more progressive Australia.

Major Mori attracts record audience ( Address to NSW Bar Association )

Protest Camp at Parliament House, Canberra

David Describes Cruel, Brutal Regime
Fair go For David - Media Release July 10 ( pdf file, 52 KB)

Guantanamo Bay Blues - Written by Don Fraser
Song Lyrics, You will have to provide your own music ( MS Word doc )

Doorstop Following Meeting with Minister Downer 04 JULY 2006
from D. McLeod, Hick's Australian lawyer (pdf file 52 Kb)

From a speech in Parliament by Bob McMullan - Labour MP
(pdf file, 14 Kb)

Don't Make David Hicks Suicide Say Supporters  
Media Release - fairgofordavid.org ( pdf file, 59 Kb)

Cageprisoners Calls for the Immediate Release of Guantanamo Deceased

Australian Democrats
David Hicks Senate Motion--media and public pressure needed!
Two Media Statements from fairgofordavid.org (preceding the public forum
held in Adelaide, 12 April )
Media Release One,  (27 Kb, pdf file)     Media Release Two   (25 Kb, pdf file)

United States vs David Hicks (The text of the charges against David) (363 Kb, pdf file)
Original Source - US Department of Defense Press Resources

The text of the decision of the UK High Court affirming Hick's right to UK citizenship

UN Commission on Human Rights - A Report of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention
Situation of detainees at Guantánamo Bay, ( 337 Kb, pdf file)

Fabricating Terrorism - British Complicity in Renditions and Torture
(226 Kb, pdf file)


This is the text of the faq available from the website of
The Attorney General - Phillip Ruddock MP,     Original source at:--


PETITION Guantanamo Bay military detention facility MUST be closed
Guantanamo Bay Petition (Ms word doc)
from the office of Senator Natasha Stott Despoja,
Democrats' Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

Guantánamo: Military commissions -- Amnesty International observer’s notes from proceedings. (pdf File, 52 Kb)

Miscellaneous Sources -2005

MEDIA RELEASE – FAIR GO FOR DAVID   -   Tuesday 13 th December 2005

PAST EVENT: Public Forum 18 th November Norwood Town Hall
A flyer for this event is available here amnestypublicforum.pdf

HICKS: Not a Happy Birthday!
Media Release - Issued by Justice for Hicks & Habib (MS Word , 20Kb)

David Hicks Motion re Military Commissions (pdf file, 54 Kb)
Motion in the US District Court for the District of Columbia... attacks the legality of the DoD "military commissions" .

The memeorandum of US State Department legal advisor William H. Taft IV (1/11/2002) in reply to the infamous John Yoo "torture memo" (1/9/2002) is available at the PEGC web site pegc.no-ip.info/archive/State_Department/taft_memo_20020111.pdf
(Note - 2.37 Mb - pdf file)

MEDIA RELEASE   Issued by the Canterbury-Bankstown Peace Group

Guantanamo Bay: Icon of Lawlessness

Guantanamo Bay - Parliament of South Australia - GRIEVANCE DEBATE (pdf file 190 Kb)
28 February 2005 from Frances Bedford MP JP Member for Florey

United Nations human rights experts express continued concern about situation of Guantanamo Bay detainees - UN Press Release

Call for Disciplinary Action - Mr Habib's Address leaked

Film screening at parliament house

Jumanan Musa talking on February 15
Amnesty International's legal observer at military commission proceeding

----------  Mamdouh Habib Arrives Home  - January 28   --------------------------------

Carr seeks to outdo US with Habib comments
Media Release - Greens MP Lee Rhiannon -- January 13, 2005

MEDIA RELEASE - fairgofordavid  -  January 14

----------  Mamdouh Habib Freed  - January 11  -----------------------------------------

MEDIA RELEASE - Foreign Prisoners Support Service 
Kay Danes Former HOSTAGE of the Communist Regime of Lao PDR
Advocate Foreign Prisoners Support Services

Amnesty International - Rapid Response Action Document
Imminent release of Mamdouh Habib from Guantanamo Bay - 12 January 2005
( Ms Word doc - 74Kb )

MEDIA RELEASE - fairgofordavid - Embargoed until January 11
Writen before announcement of Habib's release.

Habib’s Release: Questions Remain on Torture Allegation

Mamdouh Habib: Free at Last, Free at Last, Free at Last!
MEDIA RELEASE - Free Hicks and Habib Campaign

---------- Mamdouh Habib Freed -----------------------------------------

2004 files

Amnesty International Australia - Rapid Response Action Request
( pdf file 683 Kb 2p )     Please find attached an Urgent letter writing action on Australian Guantanamo Bay detainees Hicks and Habib, given the renewed reports of torture at Guantanamo Bay in the media.

Uncle Sam has his own gulag

Petition for Writ of Certtiorari before Judgment - SALIM AHMED HAMDAN, Petitioner
(pdf file 96p, 546 Kb)

A deepening stain on US justice - from Amnesty International ( pdf file - 115 Kb)
“Trials of the type contemplated by the United States government would be a stain on United States justice”. Lord Johan Steyn, senior United Kingdom judge, 2003


Fair Trial for Hicks Impossible - Law Council Releases Report
First report of the Independent Legal Observer for the Law Council of Australia
SEPTEMBER 2004 - LEX LASRY QC (pdf file 44p, 265 Kb)

Joint Statement Of NGO Observers At Guantanamo Bay Military Commission Proceedings
Includes contact details for several organisations

Amnesty International Announcement re David Hicks - June 11

An open letter to President George W. Bush on the question of torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. from Amnesty International

From Amnesty International
"Undermining security: violations of human dignity, the rule of law and the
National Security Strategy in "war on terror" detentions"
  .pdf file (140 Kb) - Here
original source location - Here

From the Law Society Journal
International Law: Illegal imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay

Gitmo' Better Blues - The folly of the new Guantanamo trials.

The Many Faces of Guantanamo

The Guantánamo "Black Hole": The Law of War and the Sovereign Exception

X Ray by Chris Tugwell
The Play is over but the information is being retained for archival purposes

"takes us to Camp Xray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where South Australian David Hicks has been held for more than two years without being charged. Set in a replica of his cell, X Ray confronts its audience with the reality of America’s “War on Terror”, revealing a day in the life of David Hicks and the developing relationship with his American prison guard – his only human contact".
more information here (.pdf file - 129 Kb)
short article & photo here

Older Files - Before 2004

The Upcoming Supreme Court Cases Involving the Guantanamo Detainees Why They Will Be Transcendently Important

The full speech ( .pdf file 186 Kb )

Where is Justice and the Rule of Law? A letter sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

A paper written by Ashwin Raman
Includes description of Camp Delta & information gleaned from "off the record" conversations with detainees & jailors    -- (pdf file)

Friend-Of The Court Briefs Filed With The Supreme Court

Torture Claims - Statement from Amnesty International (pdf file)

Amnesty International Report  
 AI has recently prepared a detailed (60 pages) analysis of the Guantanamo bay situation
( 162 Kb .pdf file )

HOWARD DUCKS DETAINEE'S DAD - 27 May 2003 (.pdf file)
Michael Organ MP - Greens Federal Member for Cunningham

Howard complicit in kidnapping & torture of Hicks - 8 July 2003 (.pdf file)
Michael Organ MP - Greens Federal Member for Cunningham

Tortures used on Prisoners of United States Government in Guantanamo, Cuba

Message on David Hick's birthday - by Kay Bilney
( fairgofordavid.org media spokesperson )

Poems, by Kerry Cripps

Knowing the real David

Mockery of Democracy in action by Kay Danes (Former Political Prisoner in Laos)

Hicks' Trial Will Not Be Justice As We Know It.   Robert McClelland,  ALP

ADJOURNMENT: Military Detention: Australian Citizens'
Speech to Paliament - Senator Linda Kirk - ALP

THE IMPORTANCE of being ERNEST (or ARTHUR) - What does David have in common with
Earnest Hemingway or Arthur Koestler ?

Some black humour to comtemplate amongst the facts of recent events.
The New Miranda Rights (24 August 2002)

Fishing, by Carl
  A brief reminiscence about David.

An article by John Pilger, 01 Mar 2002
THE conditions in which prisoners are being held brutally and illegally in an American concentration camp on Cuba go to the heart of the "war on terrorism"

A statement from VVAW AI Germany, Cologne 13.01.02
" I couldn't escape the irony of the situation. Brown and black bodies being brought
to Cuba again"

"Oh Lucy! – You Gotta Lotta 'Splainin To Do"    by Michael C. Ruppert
and Walked Away
   This replaces the edited transcript of the video “Truth and Lies of 9/11”
(formerly on this site). Includes corrections and additional material.

Edited transcript of the video “Truth and Lies of 9/11”, based on an address by publisher
Michael C. Ruppert (“From the Wilderness”) at Portland State University, Oregon, on November 2001.

Media Analysis: coverage of David Hicks

What the Australian Government had to say.
Joint News Release, Attorney-General & Minister for Defence - 17 December 2001
16 pages, 252 Kb ( pdf file, requires Acrobat Reader )


Summary of 2002 - fairgofordavid.org 


A reply to a letter sent by Mr Gavin Date to Chris Gallus MP, Federal Member for Hindmarsh and Parliamentary Secretary (Foreign Affairs).

A letter sent by Mr Ralph Berndtsson to the Federal Attorney General plus the reply. 

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