David and I have been fishing buddies for quite a while - about thirteen years now. We get along well because we both had the same interests, mainly fishing. We went fishing quite a bit over the last ten years and I really enjoyed David's company while we fished. We used to talk about fishing a lot always trying to figure out different ways to catch fish in the hopes they might work and we might get "the big one." We even got really interested in shark fishing and we did this fairly often. Unfortunately we never got near the likes of "Jaws."

We would find out where the fish were biting and we would be there fishing for hours. We even travelled to places like Moonta, Deep Creek and Edithburgh. So if you ever went fishing at these places you may have seen us there. If we didn't have transport of our own we'd catch buses to the local jetties, mainly Semaphore, Largs Bay and Port Adelaide. Whenever that we heard news that the fish were biting we were there.

David kept a diary of our fishing trips and would write down every detail from what fish we caught, which way the wind was blowing, how big the fish were and the times we caught them as well as which direction the sun came up or went down from that part of the jetty.

We went to different fishing tackle shops comparing prices and figuring which was the best fishing gear to buy next. We swapped books and videos on fishing and David would natter on about these for hours on end. He certainly loved fishing.

When we met our friendship clicked right away because David was interested in the fact that I had worked on fishing trawlers in the past. He was keen about hearing my fishing stories. He even seemed keen on getting a job on a fishing boat one day.

I remember a time when David had been out fishing and he came around to my home to show me the fish he'd caught. They were mainly carp. Well he thought he had a great idea and put those carp in the above ground pool we had at the time. His idea was that we'd try to catch those fish with rods at some later time and have a bit of fishing practise and a laugh as well. Those fish were never caught because they wouldn't take a hook! I even took the kids out there to have a go at catching them but they wouldn't be caught! Those fish never came out of the pool while we lived in that house so when my wife and I moved we just put the pool cover on. David thought that was really funny because the fish would just continue to breed and the next lot of tenants would have a pool full of carp.

That's just one of my stories about David's crazy sense of humour and what a great fishing mate he is. I haven't done a lot of fishing lately cos my buddy's not around but I'm sure we'll get around to it again when he's returned home. And I can't wait!

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