The group uses funds to pay for our web site and to pay for incidentals such as paper and printing and postage. One of our higher costs is the price of sound equipment when we hold a rally. Everyone who is involved in the group provides their time on a voluntary basis. We have no paid employees or helpers. As you can imagine these costs can add up to thousands of dollars each year. If you wish to contribute to our costs see the postal address at the bottom of this page.

Some things you may not know about David Hicks:

•  he fought on the side of NATO and the UN when he was in Kosovo
•  he was not armed when he was picked up
•  he was not shooting at American or Australian troops (or any others)
•  all other Taliban fighters with him at the time were immediately released
•  he had his first phone call with his family in December 2002 - after two years imprisoment
•  his military lawyer, Major Mori, says he has almost no chance of a fair trial
•  his mental state is fragile and he has deteriorated physically (Feb 2004)
•  Major Mori is convinced he was not involved in any terrorist activities
•  he still has not formally been charged with ANYTHING (Feb 2004)
•  he has been in solitary confinement since September 2003

The Fair Go for David group provides some press releases to depict the situation as it really is, and, not as some of the tabloids have portrayed it. We have set up a web site and have lobbied politicians from all parties regarding this issue. We meet monthly to address the issues of democracy and human rights that are involved. We also raise funds to pay the group costs - the largest being the web site- as well as for David's return to Australia and some of his legal fees, estimated to be $5mill.

Fair Go for David seeks that:

•  David Hicks be treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions
•  The law of Habeas Corpus be applied to David Hicks
•  David Hicks be repatriated to Australia and given a fair civil trial, if charged with any crime/s
•  Any other Australians in a similar situation to David Hicks be entitled to the same rights

Contributions can be sent to:

Fair Go For David,
PO Box 634,
SA 5082.

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