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Is anyone thinking of me?

Looking at the stars on a nice calm night,
Wandering if I'm going to be alright,

Hoping someone is thinking of me,
Dreaming of the day I could be free,
If only they would send me home,
Longing to hear dad's voice on the phone,
I'm so homesick I don't feel well,
Its been over a year now I have no more to tell,
I wish I could wake up and it's all a bad dream,
My life is falling apart at the seam,
I'm here locked up I have no rights,
so sick of these dark lonely nights,
wishing I was fishing by the sea,
why are they doing this to me?
please someone help me get out of here,
As I have just shed my last tear!
forgotten what it's like to have a smile on my face,
longing to get out of this place!

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I could write

I could write a Dear David letter,
But that won't make things any better,

I could give you a call,
But they won't let you talk at all,

I could come and set you free,
But you know that could never be,

I could tell them to give you your rights,
And tell them no more lonely nights,

I could come stand outside the gate,
And just sit there and wait,

But no matter what we do, they don't care,
The way they are being, just isn't fair,
So all we can do is hope and pray,
That one day you'll be sent our way!
If only we knew what we could do,
we would do our best to try help you!

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A Fathers Plea !   A Poem about David

I hate what they're doing to a close and dear friend,
It's a situation I want brought to an end,
He's away from his family and friends that miss him so dearly,
It's a picture that's not been seen clearly,
It brings tears to my eyes to see him this way,
But what can you do and what can you say?
They have not given him any rights and in a cage is where he stays,
It makes me want to explode with anger and rage,
When are they going to see , that the David they exploit to be,
Is not the David to his family, friends and me,
He's a caring, loving human being,
The side they won't let anyone see,
We've known David along time, and we know what is true,
The government and society just don't have a clue,
But they keep on portraying him in a bad way,
I remember the good times and in my memory they stay,
The fishing trips and quiet nights at home,
Who would have thought that to Afghanistan he would roam,
It's like a nightmare has come true for him,
To follow his dream has turned out a sin,
He told us he wanted to travel horseback and see some sights,
But now he's left with dark, dreary nights,
Wouldn't it be good if you could turn back the time,
Where he's not being accused of any crime,
We would have him here in our lounge chatting away..
About fishing and the way the sun came up today,
He would help himself to the fridge for a drink and a feed,
And looking for his latest fishing book to read,
He'd be laughing and smiling at jokes we had to share,
Why can't someone do something and why don't they care?
Cos the way things have turned out just isn't fair!
We want him to know that we're doing all we can,
To get him back to his Aussie homeland,
But access to him is so hard to get,
They say he's a terrorist and a real threat,
But to his family and friends that's hard to see,
For a dangerous bone in his body ,we have not seen,
We write to him to let him know we are here,
And that we are doing all we can ,do not fear,
But it would be so hard ,that we do know,
To meetings and interviews is where his father would go,
Pleading for help, let me see my son today,
Somebody listen, I need help on its way,
But the government continue to have their way,
But the love from family and friends is here to stay,
This is a battle that will be fought till the end,
The broken heart of a father that needs to mend,
The heartache and sorrow, But doing the best he can,
To get his son back to his homeland,
All we are asking is give him his rights,
So there will no longer be dark dreary nights,
Legal representation is what shall fit,
Waiting for a call is where Terry sits,
For the government to give some insight on what shall be,
If only they would answer this father's plea!
To be treated equally and fairly is the Aussie way,
But there's a difference in what they do and say,
It's time the government did what they know is right,
'Cos David's family and friends won't give up without a fight!

Dedicated to David and his family by Kerry Cripps 2003

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