MEDIA RELEASE – FAIR GO FOR DAVID   -   Tuesday 13 th December 2005


David Hicks was given British citizenship at 9.30pm (Adelaide time) tonight (13/12/2005). This will allow him to to leave Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and reside in Britain, making him a free man.

Fair Go for David, David Hick's support group, today congratulated the British legal system on giving Hicks a British passport.

Spokesperson for Fair Go for David, Ms Tasia Pertsinidis, said his support group expected David Hicks would be offered the same type of fairness received by other British citizens formerly held in Guantanamo Bay.

She said that David's father, Mr Terry Hicks, was “pleased” at the news.

David Hicks has been in Guantanamo Bay prison for four years. He was one of more than 400 people imprisoned there and one of the many people abused after being captured from the Middle East and Asia.

“This is good news because it indicates that the court, that has assessed David's situation, acknowledged there is something very wrong with the situation he is in now. We believe it is also a very strong reflection on how inadequate the US military commission system is in the eye of the courts and in the eyes of the British Government,” Ms Pertsinidis said.

However the passport was granted on the proviso that the British Government can challenge the British High Court decision.

The British Government has 14 days to appeal the court's decision.

CONTACT: Tasia Pertsinidis 0423 154901

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