MEDIA RELEASE – FAIR GO FOR DAVID   -   11 January, 2004

Fair Go for David, the group supporting Guantanamo Bay detainee, David Hicks, is pleased that, Sydney resident, Mamdouh Habib, will be released from the Cuban prison.

While the latest development means that Mr Habib no longer faces a military trial, Adelaide born detainee, David Hicks, is due to face a military commission on 15 March.

Fair Go for David said it was now very clear that more needs to be done for David Hicks.

"We believe not releasing David is an act of prejudice," the spokesperson for Fair Go for David, Tasia Pertsinidis said. “January the 12 th marked the 3 rd year David has been detained in a cage at Guantanamo Bay. He has been punished enough”, she said.

David Hicks was taken to Guantanamo Bay from Afghanistan.

The United States government has charged David Hicks with conspiracy to commit terrorist acts, conspiring to harm civilians and attempted murder.

Mr Hicks' father, Mr Terry Hicks, said that the charges were "ridiculous."

Interviews : Tasia Pertsinidis 0423 154 901

Media release written by Tasia Pertsinidis for Fair Go for David.

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