Australian Democrats -- Senate Motion - June , 2006

Senator Natasha Stott Despoja plans to move a motion (see below) in the Senate next Tuesday and it will be heard on Wednesday.  That said, she doesn't have the numbers. .... she still needs one member of the Govt to cross the floor !

The Senate has previously been divided as follows

Allison Crossin Lundy Polley
Bartlett Faulkner Marshall Ray
Bishop Forshaw McEwen Siewert
Brown, Bob Hogg Milne Stott Despoja
Brown, Carol Hurley Moore Webber
Campbell, G (Teller) Hutchins Murray Wong
Carr Kirk Nettle Wortley
Conroy Ludwig O'Brien

NOES, 33
Abetz Eggleston Macdonald, Ian Santoro
Adams Ellison Macdonald, Sandy Scullion
Barnett Ferguson Mason Troeth
Boswell Ferris (Teller) McGauran Trood
Brandis Fierravanti-Wells Minchin Vanstone
Calvert Fifield Nash Watson
Campbell, Ian Humphries Parry
Colbeck Kemp Patterson
Coonan Lightfoot Ronaldson

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Senator Natasha Stott Despoja
Democrats Senator for South Australia
Australian Democrats spokesperson for Attorney Generals

Dated: 12 May 2006
Press Release Number: yzlxoblr
Portfolio: Attorney Generals
Related: Attorney General & Justice

Repatriating Hicks could speed up trial, Mr Howard

If the Prime Minister is serious about wanting to speed up the trial of David Hicks, he should join other countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain and France who have refused to allow their citizens to be tried before the military tribunal, and repatriate him, according to the Australian Democrats.

"Mr Howard is now out on a limb as one of the sole remaining defenders of the military commission process," Democrats' Attorney-Generals Spokesperson Senator Natasha Stott Despoja said.

"The military commission system has been condemned by international leaders and legal experts, most recently British Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith, yet our Government continues to defend this process.

"In June, I will move a motion in the Senate noting Lord Goldsmith's condemnation of the United States military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay and his call for the facility to be closed, and calling on the Government to provide a detailed legal response as to why it believes the imprisonment and process do not violate any international human rights laws," Senator Stott Despoja said.

Senator Stott Despoja also urged the Government to confirm it would not discourage the repatriation of Mr Hicks to the United Kingdom, after the Government yesterday opposed her motion in the Senate calling for the Government verify this.

"The Australian Government has abandoned Mr Hicks - will it now also interfere if the UK attempts to repatriate Mr Hicks to the United Kingdom?" Senator Stott Despoja asked.

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