Wednesday 12 January  2005

Mamdouh Habib: Free at Last, Free at Last, Free at Last!

Free Hicks and Habib campaigners are today rejoicing at the news of the release of Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mamdouh Habib.

"This long-awaited moment has finally arrived," Marlene Obeid, spokesperson for the Free Hicks and Habib, campaign said.

"Mr Habib's physical and emotional torture of three years, three months and six days at the hands of the US military has come to an end.  The US Government has behaved no better than Hitler's Gestapo.  But Mamdouh is now free at last, free at last, free at last!"  Ms Obeid exclaimed.

"Campaigners, supporters, the US defence team for Mr Habib, his Australian lawyer Stephen Hopper and the Habib family have been all vindicated.  Mr Habib is innocent.

"The torture and illegal imprisonment of Mr Habib are an indictment on the Australian government that has done nothing to obtain his release but, on the contrary, aided and abetted such crimes.
"Mr Habib has been released not as a result of the Howard Government's intervention but because his imprisonment and gross violations of his human rights have become an embarrassment to the US Administration.

"Shame on Philip Ruddock and the Australian Government for allowing these atrocities to be perpetrated against Mr Habib.  Shame on them for also supporting the continued detention of another Australian citizen, David Hicks, in the 'hell-hole' of Guantanamo Bay when they have ample evidence of his and other prisoners' mistreatment.

"The Free Hicks and Habib Campaign will continue until David Hicks is released and repatriated, Guantanamo Bay is closed and all prisoners released," Ms Obeid added.

For more information contact the Free Hicks & Habib Campaign -
Marlene Obeid Mob. 0401 758 871 or
Raul Bassi Mob. 0403 037 376

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