A poem contributed by - David H Lewis

October 2006

War of Error!

Y'know all this talk of terrorism, it really leaves me cold

Especially when we can't believe a word of what we're told.

Like Al Qa-ida bogeyman are lurking everywhere

To seize their opportunity to give us all a scare!

But if we stop and think about the inconvenient facts

There's far more win the lottery than witness terror 'ttacks

So trying to scare us witless with this stupid War on Terror's

Completely self defeating and a monumental error.

The crim's who knocked the twin towers down could not have hoped for more

Than for Dubya and his poodles to launch th' Iraqi war

Not only did they go to war based on a pack of lies

They showed the world THEY were the ones who best could terrorise!

With Abu Graib an' Guantanamo and many other kinds

Of terrorism the Americans won LOTS of hearts and minds (NOT!)

And tho' George makes the silly claim our freedoms are at stake

It's really HE'S the greatest threat unless we're wide awake!

He's given police detention powers would make the Nazis blush

And TORTURE (!!) and rendition are both approved by Bush.

While neighbours are encouraged to snitch each other in

Which was once a favourite tactic of the Blackshirt bretheren. (Ges.... who!)

So should we meekly let him steal our hard won liberties?

Let fear and loathing rule our hearts and live upon our knees?

Or shall we proudly raise our heads and bravely face our fears

Rememb'ring much more deadly threats we've faced-down thru the years?

Well 5 years on let's check the score and see who's in the lead

Is it all those wicked terrorists or Bush's Christian creed?

Perhaps we ought to put that to 3000 dead G.I.s

Blown to bits in fighting for a pack of worthless lies!

Had Bush arrested UBL he'd have laid the case to rest

Instead of which his 'raq attack's stirred up a hornet's nest.

Some say that after 9/11 the world has changed forever

It ain't - it's just that we're being led - by a man who's none too clever!

see also Hotel Gitmo

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