A poem contributed by - David H Lewis

- No title was provided so I am using "Hotel Gitmo"

September 2006

Dear Mr President

I write to seek your interest in the case of David Hicks

Who's been at Hotel Gitmo, five years or is it six?

Altho' he much appreciates your hospitality (NOT!)

Enough's enough, the time has come for David to be free.

"Honor bound" to fight for freedom is Gitmo's noble creed

So we're hoping you'll live out this creed and David will be freed.

Why David's there at all is not an edifying tale -

Your soldiers paid a grand for him (!) and slung him into jail.

So apart from minor scruples about BUYING fellow men

It's clear that Hotel Gitmo hasn't won you any friends,

For it betrays the founding principles your nation holds so dear

And it's sad to see ideals being trashed in panic, shock and fear.

Thank God your nation's judges took a more enlightened view

Declaring it illegal and that you should start anew

But instead of finding other ways to persecute these men

You have the chance to start afresh and really make amends

To show some generosity, admit mistakes occurred,

Set David and the others free - to keep them now's absurd.

In any case they're all just far more trouble than they're worth

Cos' Gitmo's now regarded as the meanest place on earth,

And after all this time there's no way justice can be served:

From trying to work outside the law you got what you deserved -

A Godalmighty legal mess that stains your country's name

And shows the world that YOU'RE the biggest threat to freedom's flame!

So seize this chance to close it down and set your prisoners free

Stand by your country's claim to be the land of liberty

To hold these men for yet more time will only make things worse

And show the world AMERICA is really freedom's curse

The USA v Mr Hicks is like David and Goliath

And we all remember how that went and who laid down and dieth!

see also Terror Shmerror !

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