Parliament House , Canberra

A message from one of our supporters

Not many people know about it, but Steven Aragorn has been camped up at New Parliament House for the last 8 weeks on behalf of David Hicks. He's a lovely guy who has really been putting in to draw attention to the Howard Government's disgraceful inaction on the US's inhumane treatment and internment of David Hicks.

He says he hasn't seen many locals, but has been talking to a steady stream of interstate people and tourists and visitors from overseas. He told me today that many of the US visitors are completely in the dark on who David Hicks is.

I'm sure he would appreciate visitors up there to show solidarity with his action. I think given how cold it is, probably a bit of hot soup  wouldn't go astray either! So if people could get up there and visit Steve and forward this on to other interested people who may be able to go and offer a little solidarity, that would be great,

Steven Aragorn  at Parliament House

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