From: Geoff and Caroline Cole
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2003 5:07 PM

Dear Reader,
I hope you will read and communicate to others what is really happening to the prisoners held at the United States Government's Navel Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I had a headache while reading this information and have one now while writing or copying the information into this email. Energetically, the information is abysmal...


"...footage showed the CIA torturing a prisoner...without the critical video footage you would never have known Walker (American citizen John Walker Lind) ever existed. || Next up we have the equally astonishing footage of so-called Al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners being led hooded, chained, and medically sedated, to an American C17 transport aircraft parked at Kandahar Airport at the dead of night. || (Follows a description of psychological torture model used by the British Government on suspected Irish Republican Army members in the 1970s, quoted from secondary source by the author) '...(1) hooding prisoners prior to their interrogation; (2) constant use of a sound machine which produces white noise', a high pitched hissing, mushy sound; (3) long periods of immobilization, being forced to lean against a wall, legs wide apart with only the fingertips touching the wall; (4) little or no food or drink; and (5) being forced to wear loose overalls, several sizes too big. In addition, (6) prisoners were deprived of sleep for days on end...There is a purpose behind all these actions. Measures (1(hood)) , (2(sound)) , (3(immobilization)) and (5(loose clothing)) cause visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile deprivation while measures (4(little food and drink) and (6(little sleep)) deprive the brain of oxygen and sugar necessary for normal functioning. In addition, measures (1), (4) and (6) may disturb the normal body metabolism. Hooding causes an imbalance in the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the air breathed and this causes mental confusion. The wall-standing, which is deliberately made to sound so innocuous by apologists like Sir Edmund Compton is extremely painful - especially when accompanied by beatings - and causes, in addition to fatigue and swollen wrists and ankles, poor circulation of the blood which leads to a reduced supply of oxygen and sugar to the brain. The restricted and in some cases almost non-existent diet was also sugar-free (Storr has pointed out that the brain needs three things if it is to function efficiently: sensory stimulation, sugar and oxygen).'" - from 'Rift Between US Government and US Special Forces' by Joe Vialls,


"...these photos first leaked by the US Navy then hurriedly made "official" by the US Government... Now take a close look at the photographs...The first point to strike any analyst looking at the left hand picture is that all ten prisoners are kneeling with their legs crossed under their buttocks. Not a very comfortable position, and not one they would choose... their calves and feet will eventually go numb... || Once more in the left picture, although the prisoners cannot see each other at all, all ten are leaning forwards at an angle more acute than that required by the handcuffs attached to the waist belts. Why? Also, with the sole exception of the central figure, all have their heads hanging down close to their chests. Why? For any analyst this is a tough call...The closest we can get at this stage is to consider not just the bowed heads, but also the hunched posture of the bodies. Which position would you naturally and willingly adopt if you had severe stomach cramps? Correct ? you would bend forwards as far as possible, trying to ease the pain...Another way this posture could be created in all of the men would be by electrodes applied to the genitals, though this seems unlikely in the confines of a quasi-military establishment like Camp X Ray. || Both photographs provide additional supportive proof that induced stomach cramps are the most likely cause of the unbelievable subservience of these "very, very dangerous" men. Look at the picture on the right and decide which part of the equipment strapped to this prisoner is effectively surplus to requirement, i.e. not required at all in terms of restraint or sensory deprivation. Have you taken a good look? OK, the only surplus item is the paper surgical mask obscuring each prisoner's lower face. It is far too thin to be of any use in blocking the olfactory senses [smell] in sensory deprivation terms, but it does effectively mask the entire face from the gaze of casual passers by. || Stomach cramps are excruciatingly painful, and the pain always shows on the face, especially around the mouth when the victim grits his teeth and sometimes dribbles. Now then, we wouldn't want a passing US Navy rating from the nearby base copping an eyeful of that, would we?... || All this from a single photograph...If the US Government wishes to prove this analysis wrong then all it has to do is allow the general public access at designated visiting times, as is normal at other prisons." - from 'Rift Between US Government and US Special Forces - Part 2' by Joe Vialls,


"David Hicks is quite literally the straw that could break the camel's back, and thus from both the American and Australian political perspectives, he must never be allowed to return to Australia to tell his tale of horror... (picture subtitle) 'Gagged and blindfolded. Hicks is dragged hunched and barefoot over razor-sharp gravel by two of nine jack-booted Americans. He has been given only two choices: Confess, or die if found guilty'" - from 'Australia Surrenders Sovereignty to America' by Joe Vialls,

In reviewing the techniques of torture used on the prisoners of the United States in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it is realized these prisoners will be psychologically ruined for life. They can never be the same persons as before their capture in Afghanistan.

But, perhaps more sad is the situation of the torturers and of those in the United States Government who authorised the use of such techniques of torture, for they are quite literally soulless people; they are people who have chosen to block the moral sensibilities. These people do not yet realize that when their present life of power is over, they will be reborn into situations in which they will experience the "fruits" of their current actions - and for them this will go on for lifetime after lifetime until they realize that other people are really the same underneath as themselves, and the Law of Harmony in "thought, word and deed" will be followed.

Yours sincerely,
Caroline Cole

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