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2006 Articles below

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Transcript of the "Enough Rope" episode featuring Major Michael Mori
14 August 2006

Wrong target in hue and cry over terrorist suspect

Top Military Lawyers Oppose Plan for Special Courts

Hicks's legal papers seized

Australian justice for Hicks?

Terry Hicks deserves father award nomination: Stanhope

Terry Hicks nominated for dad of year

Former OZ Governor-General speaks out - Calls for justice and a fair go

White House Asks Congress to Define War Crimes

Guantanamo detainees may remain indefinitely

Bush seeks to extend Guantánamo procedures to American citizen

----------  Military Commisions declared "ILLEGAL" -- June 29, 2006 ----------------

Excerpts from the Guantanamo ruling

US Supreme Court rejects 'war on terror' military tribunals

PM wants US trial for Hicks

Bring Hicks home, says dad

Mixed reaction to Guantanamo ruling

Drawn-out endgame for Guantanamo?

Court opens new front in War on Terror

Prisoners left in legal limbo

----------  Military Commisions declared "ILLEGAL" ----------------

Hicks military trial suspended

Hicks tortured in jail, says expert

US criticised after Guantanamo suicides

Conflict over Hicks health in Guantanamo

Concern over Hicks after suicides

Guantanamo suicides 'an act of war'

Inmate lawyers demand suicide probe

Greens seek Hicks' return after Guantanamo suicides

Cageprisoners Calls for the Immediate Release of Guantanamo Deceased

Ruddock says 'no knowledge' of US torture

Judges seek fair trial for Hicks

Cindy Sheehan condemns Australian prime minister as an “illegal combatant”

Hicks not part of rioting says dad

US terror inmates 'attack guards'

'Significant' UK shift on Guantanamo

PM defiant after Guantanamo criticism

Living in the Twilight Zone - ear-witness account of David Hicks public meeting
( Adelaide, 12 April 2006 ) report source --

Hicks in solitary 'to break his will'

Torture in Guantánamo

Hicks could return home if freed

Hicks citizenship ruling 'no guarantee'

Court backs Hicks on citizenship

Detainee wins UK citizenship case

Guantánamo Terror Suspect Mocks Tribunal

A secret, 84-page record of an interrogation originally published by
here (pdf file, 362 Kb, 83p ) or from

Who’s at Guantanamo, Anyway? ( pdf file, 66 Kb, 11p )
by P. Sabin Willett -- Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, February 27, 2006
source PEGC

Sins of Commissions - Washington Post editorial

This Washington Post site provides a ful list of persons detained in Guantanamo Bay
Names of the Detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Analysis: Hamdan and a few minutes in the Senate

Torture as American as apple pie
Australia is complicit in the widespread abuse of countless detainees in the war on terror says Phillip Adams

PM finally calls for Guantanamo to closePM finally calls for Guantanamo to close

Statement from the Archbishop of York on Guantanamo Bay

The government's tricky lawyering in the Guantanamo Bay cases

The Herald - Editorial, Close Guantanamo

Guantanamo by the Numbers
This report uses the US defense departments own data to uncover the appauling human rights crime that is Guantanamo Bay

Cabinet 'review' for Hicks

Australia forgets its own democratic principles

Hicks told of British Govt's citizenship challenge

David Hicks' mental state a 'concern'

A new skirmish in the detainee legal wars

The Guantanamo Spin Zone

U.S. Seeks to Avoid Detainee Ruling

Chinese Detainees' Lawyers Will Take Case to High Court

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