3rd AUGUST 2002


Fair Go for David, the group that is supporting David Hicks, alleged Taliban fighter, have announced that it will be David Hicks' 27th birthday on August 7th. Trudy Dunn, spokesperson for the group, said, " David has nothing to celebrate because he is still imprisoned in Cuba by the US. What's to celebrate about that?"

"David was held in a cage for 105 days and now he's in solitary confinement with two fifteen minute exercise periods a week, and he's been not been charged with any crime," said Ms Dunn. "Furthermore the Australian government has done nothing to ensure his release. Compare that to the case of Kerry and Kay Danes. The government worked very hard to secure their release and succeeded."

Terry Hicks, father of David, said, "My son is an Australian citizen and is entitled to rights under the law but he hasn't received these. Nor has he received his entitlements under American law. The American legal system has shelved the writ to have David brought before a court."

He went on to say, "The American ambassador has made all sorts of allegations about David and there has been no evidence presented to substantiate these. I ask him to present the evidence and, if he can't, to stop making these allegations. They are biased against my son."

When asked what he wished for most for his son's birthday he said, "Freedom. The right for David to walk away a free man, which I believe he is entitled to do."

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