13th JULY 2002


Martyn Evans, Federal Member for Bonython recently met with representatives of the Hicks family and Fair Go for David, the group supporting David Hicks, alleged Taliban fighter.

"I believe it is important not to prejudge the issues in this case and to ensure that the facts are established in accordance with the same standard of justice and in accordance with the rule of law that we always apply when anyone is alleged to have broken the law," said Mr Evans.

"David retains his rights as an Australian citizen and should receive the same standards of justice as the US citizens who were captured in similar circumstances. There should be an open process in accordance with international law and that process should determine his guilt or innocence.
As a minimum Mr Hicks should be afforded consular and legal access and my preferred position is for him to be returned to Australia to be tried if indeed a case can be made against him."

Mr Evans has offered to assist the family make contact with members of the US Congress to bring the circumstances of Mr Hicks' case to the attention of US authorities who should arrange for his transfer to Australian jurisdiction.

Trudy Dunn, spokesperson for Fair Go for David, agreed with Mr Evans, "This is what we've been saying all along - bring him home to justice. The Americans have had a preoccupation with July 4 recently and some statements seem to have been made to damn David. I believe David's case is being used to further instil fear into the American people and this is delaying justice. Furthermore some of the facts that have been reported about David are untrue as he has stated in his last letter to the family. The sooner David is brought before a court of law to tell his story the better."

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