22nd JUNE 2002


Trudy Dunn, spokeswoman for Fair Go for David, the group supporting David Hicks, alleged Taliban fighter said, "It seems that David was left out of the recent talks in Washington and his right of return to Australia should have been brought up in talks between our leader and the US President." She was commenting on Mr Howard's recent trip to the US where he met President George W. Bush and discussed trade and the war on terrorism.

Terry Hicks, David's father said, "John Howard has done nothing to see that justice is done for David." Mr Hicks had called on the Prime Minister to bring his son and his denial of justice to the attention of the President. This was not done. "It is a great disappointment to me that our elected Prime Minister can not represent his citizens and intervene in this matter. Also there is now another Australian, Mr Mamdouh Habib, who is imprisoned in Cuba. I doubt he was mentioned either."

Mr Hicks said, "I want to convey a message of support to Mrs Habib and her family. I can see that both David and Mamdouh are in the same boat through different situations and I believe that they are both entitled to a fair hearing. From the information I have seen I believe that both men are innocent. If the Australian government did the right thing it would make sure that their legal entitlements are met."

Ms Dunn said, "It is shocking that a father of four can be dragged off the streets of Pakistan and disappear for months. It is worse when the Australian government know his whereabouts, the Consul interviews him and says he'll send him home, then leaves him in a foreign prison before transportation to Cuba. My heart goes out to Mrs Habib and her children."

Fair Go for David has included some information on its web site about Mr Habib and has offered support to Mrs Habib as well as continuing to provide information about David Hicks.

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