11th MAY 2002


A delegation of supporters of alleged Taliban fighter, David Hicks has been visiting members of federal parliament and requesting the government stop playing around with words and ask George W. Bush to send David Hicks home from Cuba. The group also spoke in favour of the same treatment for Mr Habib, a Sydney man, alleged to have some tenuous connection with the "war on terrorism," and who "disappeared" in Pakistan late last year. Mr Habib has recently been transported to Cuba.

Members of the delegation visited Senator Chris Schacht and Member for Adelaide, Trish Worth. They stated that the Australian government was "doing nothing regarding David Hicks' continued imprisonment in Cuba and he has not been charged with any crime after over five months of detention and continued interrogations by US military personnel." The group was concerned about David's health after all this time at Camp
X-ray. The delegation asked if Ms Worth would speak to government ministers and request that a doctor accompany the Australians who will go to Cuba to interview David shortly.

The delegation stated that they did not believe David was a terrorist and there seemed to be nothing to indicate this. In fact the writ lodged in the US by lawyers, including Stephen Kenny, the Hicks' family lawyer, had included in the Statement of Facts "that the detainees had no involvement - direct or indirect - in the September 11 terrorist attacks …or any act of terrorism…(connected) to any terrorist group."

Senator Schacht said "the Senators attending the Senate Estimates Committee will have many questions to ask the government regarding the issues surrounding David Hicks." He also talked about the Magna Carta and the writ of habeus corpus (the legal case lodged in the US) which is a request by the person in custody for a court to examine the fairness of his or her imprisonment. He reiterated, "Hicks has got to have his day in court because his indefinite detention is in breach of Australian law." Both members of parliament will take Fair Go for David's representations to the appropriate ministers and shadow ministers.

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