18th MAY 2002


Trudy Dunn, spokesperson for Fair Go for David, the group supporting Adelaide man and alleged Taliban fighter, David Hicks, wants John Howard to take a pivitol role in bringing him and Sydney man, Mamdouh Habib home to Australia to face Australian justice.

"I want John Howard to show he is still Prime Minister and to override his ministers on this issue," said Ms Dunn. "Williams, Downer and Hill have done little to see justice is done in this instance," she said. "Furthermore editorials around the country are beginning to say that this issue is larger than David or Mamdouh. In fact it impacts on the every day life of almost all Australians and, if that's not the case at the moment it certainly will be once the anti-terrorist legislation is passed."

"This so called anti-terrorist legislation means that my grandma who's seventy seven can be taken into custody and held for forty eight hours without any right to contact her family, or to get legal advice, because she took me to the first Fair Go for David meeting I attended. She has also been part of the delegations who visited politicians. That's awful! How can the government want to do this to people?"

Terry Hicks, David's father, said, "Does this mean if I talk to my grandkids about their father that they can be taken into custody and questioned? It certainly sounds like that to me. And it sounds like Australia will become a police state something like Russia under Stalin. That's bad news for all Aussies."

"Under these laws people working for organisations such as Amnesty International and the Red Cross could face interrogation. Those who supported Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela and Xanana Gusmao could be in the same boat," said Trudy. "These proposed changes to our democracy would be catastrophic," she emphasised. " All concerned Australians need to contact their federal members of parliament and say they don't want these disastrous bills passed by parliament. And also that they do want David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib sent home immediately and given fair trials, if either is charged with any crime. If the Germans can do it, as has recently been reported, then let's do the same for our citizens."

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