7th SEPTEMBER 2002


Fair Go for David, the group that is supporting Australian David Hicks, presently being held in Cuba by US authorities, wants the Australian government to ask the Americans to release him urgently. Spokesperson Trudy Dunn said she was not satisfied with the Attorney General's recent letter refusing to intervene on David's behalf. "The government is taking far too long to pursue their investigations which have revealed David has done nothing to break Australian laws nor those of the Geneva Convention," she stated.

"Furthermore Judge Kollar-Kotelly, the judge who would not hear David's case in the American court suggested that the onus was on the Australian government to seek prisoners' rights. Alexander Downer needs to intervene on David's behalf as soon as possible and it is dreadful that this has been allowed to drag on," she said.

Terry Hicks, father of David, said "My son had nothing to do with the September 11 attacks, it is time he was released. Both ASIO and the Federal Police discovered they had nothing with which to charge David. The same applies to the American interrogations which have gone on for months. It is essential for justice that the Americans release David immediately."

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