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Guantanamo Bay detainees now have access to the
US civilian legal system

Court Deals Blow to Bush on Combatants

Terror suspects' legal rights upheld

Terror suspects get court access

Lawyers to challenge Habib detention

US Government threatens to investigate Hicks lawyer

Guantanamo: What the World Should Know

Avoiding the Geneva Conventions: how Australia does the job.

David has finally been charged
Here is a selection of articles with the relevant details

Hicks charged by US military

Case is weak, claims military lawyer

US Defence Department outlines Hicks charges

Guantanamo List Details Approved Interrogation Methods

Document warns Guantanamo employees not to talk

Finally, trials for Australians held in Cuba

US launches Hicks investigation

Hicks told ASIO about beatings by jailers

Government asks US to lift Hicks gag

Senate wants Gitmo 'torture' videos, too

Saudis say they were tortured at Guantanamo

Second Australian 'tortured'

How the US treated David Hicks

US guards 'filmed beatings' at terror camp

Father of Guantanamo Bay prisoner says son has been abused

Guantanamo prisoners “locked up in a world of shadows” A discussion with the lawyer of Murat Kurnaz

Pentagon approved Guantanamo interrogations

The Fragility of Our Freedoms in a Time of Terror

Hicks was abused in Guantanamo: lawyer

Military Defenders for Detainees Put Tribunals on Trial

A President Beyond the Law

Key question for the US Supreme Court

Adrift at Guantánamo

Accused terrorists face different kind of justice

A Few Good Men

The Guantanamo Camps: a Mistake Repeated

Bush administration claims police-state powers in Guantánamo arguments before US Supreme Court

Landmark case for Australian terror suspects

Detention Cases Before Supreme Court Will Test Limits of Presidential Power

A transcript of the Interrogator who was interviewed by the CBS is available here.

David Hicks accused of having been trained by al-Qaeda

Hicks 'asked to be' suicide bomber

Hicks interrogator features in CBS broadcast

An Interview with Dr. Najeeb al-Nu'aymi
Dr. Najeeb Al-Nu'aymi was Qatar's Minister of Justice from 1996 to 1997. Today he is an activist on behalf of the Guantanamo Bay detainees and is acting as legal counsel for countless families. He is also the chairman of the Committee for the Defence of the Detainees at Guantanamo.

Rights plea over Guantanamo Bay

Into the Shadows: The Bush administration has set up a Bermuda Triangle of injustice around the world

Maybe none of them are terrorists

The President versus David Hick
About the documentary recently screened on SBS television

Marine Defends Guantanamo Detainees and Surprises Australians

Freed Terror Camp Britons Dismiss Al Qaida Link

Filmmaker speaks with WSWS about Guantanamo Bay and David Hicks

Families come to US to demand release of Guantanamo detainees

My Hell in Camp X-Ray

Tipton detainees were captured on botched aid mission

Freed Briton tells of beatings

this page from Jihad Unspun includes “Anonymous mailer sends us photos taken inside a military C-130 transporting POWS”, these photographs show prisoners — handcuffed, heads covered over with black hoods, ears covered and bound with straps on the floor of a C-130 plane, under heavy and aggressive guard by the US Military.

Former prisoners allege brutality

Guantanamo Britons freed without charge

Military tribunal a show trial, says lawyer

US High Court Sets April Arguments in Terror Cases

No Lawyer for Inmates in Guantanamo Parole Process

The abuse goes on
A lawyer for two of the freed Guantanamo detainees attacks the continuing violation of human rights

PM stands firm on Hicks case

Breaking down the barriers of secrecy around Guantanamo

To hell - and back
As the five Camp Delta detainees prepare to leave one nightmare, at home another awaits. But not only are their communities divided, their imprisonment has caused a serious rift between Britain and the US

Guantanamo Britons left in limbo as talks with US stall

Pentagon institutionalises indefinite detention without trial at Guantanamo Bay

Military Trial only option for Hicks, says Ruddock

A legal black hole in Cuba threatens to suck in some precious rights

Guantanamo trials a farce

US military lawyer denounces Guantanamo Bay trials

“Friend of court” applications denounce Guantanamo Bay detentions as illegal

Military lawyer brands Hicks trial process unfair.

Ruddock rejects Hicks' lawyer unfair trial claim.

Canberra accused of neglecting Hicks

Military lawyer brands Hicks trial process unfair.

Ruddock rejects Hicks' lawyer unfair trial claim.

Canberra accused of neglecting Hicks

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