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2005 Articles below

Citizenship up to UK, says PM

Hicks moves towards freedom

Judge orders UK citizenship for detainee

Court rules Hicks should be granted UK citizenship

Hicks: Guantanamo's 'token white man'

Too gutless to save one of our own

Hicks a victim of a rotten system

Nuremberg's lessons for Guantanamo
A pdf version of this article available here 203 Kb

US federal judge suspends Hicks trial

Senate Votes No Terror Suspects in Courts

Lib breaks ranks to speak up for Hicks

Full Transcript Now Available


Calls for full inquiry into Hicks claims

Claims 'should be examined'

Former chaplain paints grim picture of Guantanamo Bay

Fighting “terrorism” with prostitutes

The Supreme Court keeps putting off Hamdan v. Rumsfeld. It's time to take it on.

Why the Court Should Hear Hamdan

Human Rights in the Balance: What's at Stake in Hamdan

Hunger Strike by Gitmo Detainees Enters 2nd Month

Behind barbed wire in Guantanamo

White House Losing Ground on Prisoner Treatment

Rights groups turn up pressure for prisoner abuse amendments

Aussie to get his day in court 

Hearing date 'gives Hicks breathing space' 

Hicks should face trial: Downer 

Downer knew of Hicks's UK citizenship bid 

Lawyers slam Pentagon ruling  

Hunger Strike at Guantanamo

89 prisoners resume hunger strike at Guantanamo

87 detainees on hunger strike at Guantanamo

Judges Question Lack of Prisoner Rights

For a summary of the legal processes taking place in regards to David Hicks.
The United States-v-David Hicks: Guanatanamo Bay update and backgrounder
The report of the Independent Legal Observer of United States v David Hicks for the
Law Council of Australia , Lex Lasry QC .        Originally published at

Guantanamo trial changes 'desperate'

Ruddock backs Hicks trial changes.

Father of Australian Guantánamo prisoner speaks to the WSWS

Australian government continues to back discredited US military tribunals

No justice as Hicks thrown to the wolves

Defence Force lawyer lashes Hicks court

Guantanamo: Hunger Strike until death

US court upholds military trials for Guantánamo prisoners

Government 'didn't want' civilian trial

Hicks defence 'not ready'

Hicks to face military tribunal

Documents Show Gitmo Inmates Defy U.S.

The Stain of Torture

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