Source : - ABC News Online

December 20, 2006

Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks has refused to speak to his father in a phone call arranged through the Department of Foreign Affairs.

It took Terry Hicks six months to arrange the call.

Terry says they tried twice to contact his son today, but both times were told that Mr Hicks did not want to speak to him.

"We've been worried about David's mental state now for two years," he said.

"Each phone call we've had with David - well in two years we've only had two anyway - but each one you could see that things weren't going really well for him.

"The last one just proved the point to us. Today has probably put the icing on the cake."

Terry says it shows that his son is emotionally stressed.

"We could see from David's point of view that what's been happening, his emotional side of things, his mental side of things that he wasn't going to cope with another phone call," he said.

"He found it would be better and in his interests not to speak to any of the family or anyone else."

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